Wednesday, February 17, 2016

120th Anniversary Homecoming - April 23 & 24

Save the Date!
We will be celebrating our 120th year as an organized congregation with a service project and cookout on Saturday, April 23 and a worship service and carry-in meal on Sunday, April 24.  More details about those events are in the works.

Meanwhile, here is a list of needs we have in the next few weeks.  If you can help with any of these projects, please contact the church office, and we will get your contact information to the correct person.  You can email us at or call us at 703-594-2685.

If you have any suggestions for ways we can enhance the event or if you have names and addresses of individuals you would like to have invited, please provide those as soon as possible.

Lyn would love to work with a few people on the creation of a set of new banners for the sanctuary. While no art or crafting talent is required it is certainly welcomed, as well as creative ideas and concepts.

Slide Show
Eric has volunteered to put together a slideshow to run during the Homecoming carry-in-meal!
If you have pictures that you could loan (you will get them back). Please put them in an envelope marked "slide show- your name " and put them in a box in the back of the sanctuary that will be labeled "Slide Show". When your pictures have been scanned they will be returned to you.
If you have a few digital pictures that you would like to share, put them on a C.D, chip or thumb drive and put in the slide show box. Homecoming is all about remembering and pictures can tell a wonderful story.

Updating Church Scrapbook
We are updating the church scrapbook before Homecoming. If you have pictures or other memorabilia that you can donate (you will not get them back).

Please separate them into years and put each year into it's own envelope.  Ex.) "Scrapbook  Pictures 1992"
-It would be helpful to identify all people in the picture
- Please also include your name in case we have questions

*There will be a box in the back of the sanctuary to collect your envelopes.